Hanna W.

Dr. Wohl is the BEST DENTIST IN THE WORLD!!!! My whole family goes to him and loves him (even my grandma – and she hates every doctor). I grew up in CT and moved to NYC a few years ago. None of the dentists here compare to him. I saw a dentist in NYC and felt compelled to go back to CT and pay a visit to Dr. Wohl for a second opinion. He knows all the current trends in dentistry – he whitened my teeth for my bat mitzvah (13 years ago) when Zoom! whitening first came out. I went to get them whitened again last year in NYC and the dentist told me my teeth were still the lightest shade and didn’t need to be whitened. I knocked out my front tooth, he put a veneer on it and NO ONE can believe it’s a fake tooth. He is an artist. Everyone loves Dr. Wohl – I would confidently recommend him to anyone in CT or elsewhere looking for a dentist. Plus all the hygienists in his office and the ladies who work at the front desk are awesome and SO nice. Seriously – best dentist ever.