Our Office

Appointment Policy
A specific amount of time is reserved for your appointment. Except for emergencies, no other patient is scheduled for that time. Therefore, it is important that your scheduled appointment be kept. Missed appointments affect staff and other patients who were denied that appointment time. There will be a charge for broken appointments.

Office Hours
Monday: 8-5pm; 1-2pm Lunch
Tuesday: 8-5pm; 1-2pm Lunch
Wednesday: 8-5pm; 1-2pm Lunch
Thurs: 7-1pm
Friday: Closed

We understand that many patients are concerned about sterilization procedures. The standards enforced by our office exceed regulatory organizations. Our office also sterilizes all instruments and hand pieces following each patient procedure. Disposable products are used whenever possible to eliminate the chance of cross contamination.

Emergency Policy
After hour emergencies call 203-255-4001 listen to the message and follow the prompts. Dr. Wohl will return your call as soon as possible.