Now Using Digital Impression Taking

What an exciting and rewarding week we have had at the office! We just completed installation and training on our latest digital upgrade to our office. Previously we added digital x-rays. Their advantage is that they reduce your exposure levels while being significantly more accurate.  Now we have added digital impression taking to our armamentarium. The 3 Shape digital impression system will eliminate our need to take impressions in 95% of our cases. No longer will you have to have those impressions taken to fabricate crowns, bridges and inlay/onlays. Following scanning of your mouth a digitalized format will be sent out electronically directly to the lab. The most exciting and most noteworthy improvement is that they are MORE ACCURATE!!! In dentistry, greater accuracy means things will fit better and if they fit better, they LAST LONGER. Greater longevity translates into a better long term investment for you or more bang for your buck. We are the 2nd office in the USA  to have this specific technology and yes it will integrate with my go to implant system BioHorizons. It can actually be laid over an intraoral CAT scan to produce an accurate surgical guide. The benefit to you the patient will be a more conservative implant surgery with less post-surgical discomfort.