Preventative Oral Care

Our office has Registered Dental Hygienists on staff. Preventative oral care with the hygienist is an extremely important aspect of maintaining your dental health. Dr. Wohl and your hygienist will individualize a continuing care program to assure optimum dental health.


In order to properly treat you as a patient, an accurate assessment must be made of your presenting dental condition. To begin with we thoroughly review your medial history to ensure we treat you safely and properly, evaluate your TMJ, and perform an oral cancer screening.

Tooth decay and gum disease not only effect your ability consume your food but have a direct effect on your general health. Both are caused by bacteria and can only be detected with x-rays and a clinical exam.

The American Dental Association recommends visits to the dentist at regular intervals determined by your dentist. Based on your individual needs we determine the appropriate x-rays, clinical photos and testing to make an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

Any questions regarding your smile and overall oral health will also be addressed at that time.

Digital X-Rays

Dental radiographs (digital x-rays) are essential to quality diagnosis. We are very mindful of your concerns and comfort, so a thorough evaluation of your dental history, medical history and your personal input will determine the appropriate radiographs we feel are necessary.

We use the latest and most advanced Digital Radiography (Digital X-Rays) which reduces your x-ray exposure significantly when compared to traditional films. This method allows a highly detailed evaluation of each and every tooth. Digital panoramic radiography is also utilized in our office, which comfortably captures an image of your head, neck, jaw and teeth utilizing only minimal radiation. We will utilize which ever method is appropriate for each patient.

Teeth Cleaning

Your mouth consists of the teeth we use to chew, gum tissue which supports the teeth, your tongue which helps with taste and maintaining the proper position of our food for efficient mastication, as well as bacteria and saliva. Together, this complex system helps us to digest our food, and live a healthy life.

Brushing your teeth three times a day with a fluoride toothpaste and daily flossing, in combination with professional teeth cleaning is recommended to maintain optimal health and functioning. We will recommend the appropriate frequency for your cleanings based on your individual needs.

If food debris and carbohydrates are not removed from your teeth, gums, tongue and saliva, it interacts with natural oral bacteria forming dental plaque. Dental plaque causes bad breath, gum disease, and dental decay if not appropriately removed. Recent studies have shown correlation between chronic gum disease and diabetes, heart disease and premature as well as low birth weight babies. A professional cleaning by our dental hygienist removes dental plaque and harder to remove dental tartar comfortably leaving your teeth polished and your gums free of inflammation.

Food stains generally accumulate due to a diet high in pigmented foods (blueberries, chocolate) and beverages such as coffee, tea and soda. A majority of these stains are can be removed during your dental cleaning with polishing pastes and an ultrasonic cleaning device.

Fluoride Treatments

One of the most proven public health measures in the history of medicine is the use of fluoride to help prevent dental decay. Nearly all people with natural teeth should use toothpaste containing fluoride. For children and adolescents under the age of 15, an annual application of prescription strength fluoride should be applied to their teeth in the office. In addition, an American Dental Association approved fluoride toothpaste is recommended to keep their teeth healthy and free of decay. As part of our Preventative Program, adults with a high decay rate or exaggerated tooth sensitivity receive a prescription fluoride varnish as well in office. A prescription strength fluoride paste for take home use (Fluoridex) is often prescribed in addition.

Tooth Sealants

All teeth develop from 5 individual growth centers. Where these developmental centers meet form the pits, fissures and grooves of a tooth. These natural pits and grooves are susceptible to decay as once the normally occurring bacteria in the mouth invade these hard to get to recesses, tooth decay forms. The pits, fissures and groves are typically more prominent on the bicuspid and molar teeth. Consequently, it is these back teeth that should receive sealants to prevent the bacteria from developing decay. Following placement of dental sealants, the potential for cavities to develop in those groves is eliminated or significantly reduced.

Protective Grinding Devices

We do not fully understand why we grind and clench our teeth, but stress and a poor bite are strongly correlated. Grinding your teeth can result in a loss of enamel and sensitive teeth. In addition, it can be characterized by muscle soreness, temporomandibular joint pain and or popping. Occasionally temporary dislocation of the jaw can take place and it is frequently associated with tinnitus or ringing in the ear. The increased load on your teeth frequently result in tooth fractures necessitating crowns, root canals or in extreme cases even tooth removal if teeth fracture beyond repair. One of the first detectable changes is bone loss around effected teeth. As your enamel wears it frequently creates destructive contacts on your teeth which accelerates the grinding and clenching.

A conservative treatment is to make a night guard that can be adjusted to restore the normal forces placed on the teeth while you sleep. Subsequently a detailed bite analysis is performed and then the biting surfaces of the teeth could be conservatively and selectively reshaped to restore normal forces.

GuardLab Sport Guards

Recently I have become a certified provider for GuardLab. They use 3D scanning to make the most accurate and protective sports guard available. Sport guards are an integral part of reducing sports related trauma to the teeth and concussive head injuries.

Custom made to fit onto your upper teeth, this athletic mouthguard is worn by some of the world’s top professional athletes. The Upper Protection Guard provides you with the ultimate protection, unmatched comfort and impeccable fit. Every guard has ARC Technology (Alignment Repositioning Technology), designed to align and reposition the jaw into an optimal position to cushion impact force while maximizing airflow. Comfortable and snug fit.