SureSmile ClearCorrect & Invisalign

orthodonticsClear aligner therapy has eliminated the necessity to place brackets and wires in order to straighten teeth. Following an accurate scan of your mouth, a series of clear aligners will be computer generated. Each aligner is worn for two weeks during which time your teeth will move a specified amount. At the end of the two weeks the next aligner is placed which will move your teeth to the next position. They are very comfortable and can be removed to eat, brush, floss and selectively to attend social events.

First impressions are important and a beautiful smile leads to a good first impression. In addition, the correction of crowded teeth helps to prevent premature tooth wear. The correction of crowding not only makes your cleanings easier but diminishes the possibility of developing decay and gum disease.

Like any other orthodontic treatment, you will have to wear night time retainers in order to hold and maintain the position of your teeth. If you are not diligent in the wearing of your retainers, relapse will occur.

In our office, unlike many others, we are a certified 3 Shape Digital Scanning Office. That means that rather than taking those messy goopy impressions, we are able to quickly, efficiently and accurately scan your teeth. Consequently, there is no distortion, fewer remakes and greater accuracy.

When impressions are taken for orthodontics, additional time is added to the process, as the impressions must be shipped to the specific company. In addition, the potential to lose the impressions in transit, necessitating the retaking of the impressions is eliminated. The scans are delivered in a fraction of a second which tremendously accelerates the case. Over the years we have had great success with each of the above clear aligner systems. We evaluate each case on an individual basis to see which system would be appropriate for you.